In Loving Memory of

John Bernecker

(1984 - 2017)

John Bernecker Foundation:
Seeking to create solutions for the safety of movie and television performers.
100% of donations go to the creation of “The John Bernecker Foundation.”  This nonprofit foundation will be seeking solutions for the safety of movie and television performs.

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The Gymstars at Allstate Gymnastics love LiveLikeJohn

Celebration of Life at the New Orleans Museum of Art July 31, 2017

Official Obituary

John Bernecker was born in New Orleans March 2, 1984 and on July 12th, 2017 made his journey to heavens gates. He was only 33 years old. He was the beloved only son of Susan Sherlock Bernecker of Metairie, LA. He is survived by his devoted Grandmother, Joyce Bellande Sherlock.
John attended St. Catherine of Siena and St. Francis Xavier in Metairie, LA. Holy Cross High School and graduated Montverde Academy. Attended University of New Orleans and Sotheastern University of LA.
John’s extraordinary athletic ability and charismatic personality was a perfect match for his dream job of a stunt performer in movies and television. His success was quick as a Stuntman and Coordinator performing in over 90 feature films and television shows. Member of Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television Actors he owned, Prodigy Stunts, LLC, which developed into his stunt family. He mentored and encouraged many up and coming stunt men and women to follow their dreams. His loving nature, constant smile,and wonderful sense of humor made him a friend to everyone he met and worked with.
John was kind-hearted, generous and humble, he loved life and everyone loved John. A loving person that helped all who came in his path. He’s the bright light that showed us all the way to live. One fantastic human being. We all should live like John.


Please click on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) link for a full list of John’s film and television projects.donate
John Bernecker First Acting Role
Michael Jackson-ESonic DiscBaby Commercial 1997.
Prodigy Stunts Motivation
An inspirational short created by John Bernecker for his prodigy family.
John Bernecker 2016 Stunt Reel
John Bernecker Candlelight Vigil
A candlelight vigil held in honor of John Bernecker.